My Mom And Dad Was the greatest Influence in my life.I grew up Listening to them sing
and Play. Then me and my brother started to pick and sing together when i was only 12
years old.
We have been together for 42 years doing what we love playing music togother.I could not
ask for anyone better than my Brother to pick with. He has been my rock. And we will be
together always. Thanks Ron Couldn't Have made with you.
I married the love of my life Annette and me have been married 12 years this December
And have 3 wonderful kids.
Bill also at the age of 18 was hired by the Texas Troubadour Band To Play With the
Legionary  Earnest Tubb
I have Been Playing Country Music Since i was young kid. Me an my Brother
Have played together since we was kids. Growing up always listening to my dad
sing and pick the guitar wanting to be like him. I will continue to play music
For the rest of my life its in my Blood and will continue to play as long as life lets me
Ronnie-rhythm Guitar
Bill-Lead Guitar
Jerry Verden-Drummer
Jerry Has been playing drums since he was a little boy. His passion has always been music
His Dad Was a recording artist with a Beautiful voice but left this world much to soon
Jerry poured his heart and soul into drums making him one of the best drummers in Texas
He is marred to the love of his life Tammy Verden And just had a new Baby son Richard
His Wife and Children are what makes his world complete
Being he is also Family Related to Ronnie And Bill Makes him The third Trio in the Family Band
Texas Wont find a better drummer than this guy
Jerry On Steel Guitar
Mike -Bass Guitar
Mike Has Played With All Well Known Bands
Such As Lonesome Dove,Debonears Etc
He Is the Best Bass Player In Texas Bar None
Jerry Has Been With Our Band over 10 years now,
If you love alot of steel playing then let me tell you
this is your man,
jerry has played with many bands from Alaska to Texas